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                     2018 Morris Warriors


The Morris Warriors were started in 2003 by Mark Mettille and a group of individuals with the theory of teaching the young athletes of Morris the proper techniques and terminology taught by the Morris Redskin coaching staff. Our job was then and still is to prepare you as a football player to step on the field at Morris Community High School. We believed when we achieved this goal the wins would compile. Since 2003 we have had much success in the River Valley Youth Football League. To this we can say we are the Premier feeder program to the Morris Redskins football program.

2012 Lightweight Conference Champions & Superbowl Runner up 11-1
2011 Varsity Conference Champions 9-2
2010 Varsity Superbowl Champions 10-1
2009 Varsity Co-Conference Champions 6-3
2009 JV Conference Champions & Superbowl Runner up 10-1
2008 Varsity Conference Champions & Superbowl Champions 11-0
2008 Lightweight Superbowl Champions 9-2
2007 JV Superbowl Champions 10-1
2007 Lightweight Conference Champions & Superbowl Runner up 10-1
2006 JV Superbowl Runner up 8-3
2005 Varsity Conference Champions & Superbowl Runner up 10-1
2005 Superlight Conference Champions & Superbowl Runner up 10-1
2003 Varsity Conference Champion & Superbowl Runner up 10-1


In remembrance of Troy Shannon


Hey Coach!

Are we gonna run today?

Hey Coach!

Which position can I play? 


Have you seen my brand new shoulder pads?

Will you help me tie my Cleats?

Will you ever know just what I see?

When you're looking down at me.


Hey Coach!

Do we wear maroon or white?

Hey Coach!

See you at the Skins game Friday night?


Can I stand by you,

Along the fence?

Will you lift me nice and high?

So I can see the players you have coached,

When they go rushing by?

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

What time is the next game?

Hey Coach!

Which team do we play?


You know that my big brother,

Will be standing next to you.

Hope that I can run the ball,

Just like he used to do.

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

How many more days until we play?

Hey Coach!

Is the big parade today?


The whole team will be on the float,

Can I sit next to you?

Can we talk about the game next week?

And all the work there is to do.

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

Will we finish in the lead?

Hey Coach!

How big will the trophy be?

It's the last game of the season,

Will we gain a victory?

Or, will you slap me on the back,

And say, "Next year! Wait and see!"

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

You didn't say it'd end so fast?

Hey Coach!

Will you throw me one last pass?

No more touchdowns.

I turned my jersey in,

No more loss or victories.

A month later and my phone rings,

And it's you,

Just missing me

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

Is it true? You passed away?

Hey Coach!

Now it's time to gently pray,

That yourWarriors heart will rest in peace,

That your spirit is now free.

And that each of us remembers,

What it meant to be a team.

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

When you look down from above. 

Hey Coach!

I hope you know that you are loved.

And that I ran as hard as I could Coach,

Wearing number 33.

And I pray someday,

That I'll become,

The kind of man you'd hoped I'd be.

Hey Coach


Hey Coach!

Thanks, Coach


written by: Jennifer Faulkner Feiden





        2017 Troy Shannon Award Winners

             Zach Romak and Jared Houck

 L to R John Maddox, Jared Houck, Steve Halcomb, Zach Romak, and Derek Perry







           Former Morris Warriors Keagan Sobol and Michael Feeney

               committ to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater    



                       Congratulations  to                                     Michael Feeney and Kegan Sobol                                       5A All-State Honors

              L to R Mike Feeney, Michael Feeney, Keagan Sobol and Sheldon Sobol 


          Congratulations to Jackson Shannon

2016 Signing Day L to R Nikki Shannon Jackson Shannon and Troy Shannon


   Congratulations to these former Warriors    for signing your letters of intent.


Front row L to R Chase Hansen, Griffin Sobol, Robbie Muecci, TJ Layne. Backrow Eric Haish.


 Congratulations to former Morris Warrior      Zach Hansen on your Sportsmanship Award.






Congratulations to these former Warriors on their post season awards.

TJ Layne 2014 Captian, 5A All State, NIB All Confrence

Matt Fieden Academic All State, NIB All Confrence 

Chase Hansen NIB All Confrence 

Zach Hansen Academic All State, NIB All Confrence

Josh Hulbert NIB All Confrence 

Griffin Sobol 2014 Captian, NIB All Confrence 

Jake Walker 2014 Captian, NIB All Confrence 


Kevin Henry University of Central Michigan Gridiron Gladiator Award Winner.



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